Online Building Your Own Group Work Resources eWorkshop

Date: 05-Oct-2020

          Online eWorkshop via Zoom- Monday, 5th October 2020 

    If you go to God google you will find heaps of activities, ice-breakers and group games that you can use in the groups you run. Some of them are pretty darn good. But if you want your activities to hit the mark every time (or most of the time for most of the participants) then devising your own will give them a freshness and relevance that no shop-bought item can deliver. So we will look at producing your own strategies and activities made specifically -for your workshop and your participants’: Physical, conversational, ‘theatrical’ (with a small ‘t’), reflective, image-based including use of still image, photos and video.

    We will also, with no need at all for any technical know-how, go through ways of creating your own audio-visual resources; at a low or no cost.

    We’ll take a look at:

    • On-line whiteboard animation videos, using Videoscribe
    • On-line video-making software Animoto. which requires zero editing skills. Upload pics and vids and it all happens for you. But there are a couple of things to bear in mind as you do so
    • Prezi: An alternative to Powerpoint, and a vehicle that can embed both Animoto videos and Videoscribe.

    When: Monday 5th October 2020 from 9.30am-4.00pm.

    Where: Online, delivered via zoom. You will receive a zoom link prior to the workshop where you will be able to access the eWorkshop.

    Cost: The booking fee is $275.00 (GST included).

    To register: Register and complete payment below. A Tax Invoice will be emailed to you. The payment needs to be completed before the workshop occurs, for the registration to be fully confirmed.

    Facilitator: Peter Slattery

    Peter has worked with individuals, families and communities for over 30 years. He lives in Sydney, but works throughout Australia as well as Asia, Europe and North America. He has written 'Youth works’ and produced the training DVD 'Conversations with young people', and most recently the group work resource ‘THOUGHTPICS’. He strives constantly to find or develop new, exciting and ever more useful ways of helping people explore what troubles or inspires them. In this quest, he calls on anything that might be helpful; physical movement, theatre, storytelling, drawing, what might be called ‘humour’ and really, anything at all that might add something to this process. Peter says "what a totally challenging joy all of this is"!


    Feedback from previous workshops

    We collect feedback from participants at the conclusion of each workshop we facilitate. You can find summary data on our feedback page. Some of the feedback collected from 175 participants between 2012 and 2018 in Peter Slattery’s Groupwork and Young People workshop includes:

    "Pete is great – engaging – informative."

    "All of the content was important and relevant. I really enjoyed building confidence with group-based stuff."

    "There are activities that I can use straight away and I am looking forward to positively adapting the way I engage groups."

    "Excellent mix of hands on activities and learning backed up by theories about why it works."

    "I loved all of it – such a privilege to spend this time with you and learn from your knowledge and stories Pete."


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