Online Managing Vicarious Trauma eWorkshop

Date: 08-Sep-2020

Online eWorkshop- Tuesday, 8th and 15th September 2020 from 10.00am to 1.00pm.


This eWorkshop is for any staff who may be affected by the client’s accounts of distressing experiences to which they have been exposed or be affected by witnessing the impact on clients of these experiences. This could include staff working with the homeless, women and children escaping domestic violence; individuals with a psychiatric disorder and those who have been subject to torture.

The training covers:
  • Vicarious Trauma and Its Impact
  • Preparing to Work in Difficult Environments
  • Possible Reactions to Being Involved in a Difficult Situation
  • Looking After Yourself After a Difficult Situation
  • When to Get Professional Support
  • The Difference Between Emotional Support and Counselling
  • Looking After Others After a Difficult Situation
  • Supporting the Suicidal Individual
  • Supporting a Colleague who may have Mental Health Concerns
The eWorkshop is structured so that the participants move from one positive experience to another making the training enjoyable and interesting while at the same time examining and discussing important issues associated with good service provision and worker well-being. Detailed notes will be provided which will include a comprehensive reference list as well as links to a range of useful resources on the internet.

At the end of the training the participants will:
  • Have developed their understanding of vicarious trauma and developed their awareness of how to recognise it in themselves and in others;
  • Have learnt strategies to make it less likely that they will develop vicarious trauma and manage it as well as possible when it does occur;
  • Have developed their skills in supporting others who may be suffering from vicarious trauma while remaining in their role.
As most of us know by now, online training can be exhausting when conducted over one day. To combat this, we have arranged the 6 hours of training spread out over two Tuesdays to ensure engagement and reduce workshop fatigue.

When: Tuesday, 8th and 15th September 2020 from 10.00am to 1.00pm.
Where: Online eWorkshop via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom details prior to the eWorkshop.
Cost: The early bird booking is $275.00 if registration occurs before 22nd August (GST included). The fee for registrations after the 22nd August is $330.00 (GST included).
To register: Register and complete payment below. A Tax Invoice will be emailed to you. The payment needs to be completed before the workshop occurs, for the registration to be fully confirmed.

Facilitator: David Cherry
David Cherry is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist who has been working for over 35 years. David has worked as a Family Court Counsellor and worked in residential care for 14 ½ years with children and young people who could not live at home because of concerns about abuse and neglect. David has extensive experience in preparing staff to cope in difficult working environments as well as in providing support for individuals and groups after difficult incidents. David was a volunteer with the Victorian SES for 4 years where he was involved in road crash rescue and searches among other duties.


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