Father Inclusive Practice

The 2011 Men and Family Relationships Forum at Perth has released a series of freely available logos for programs to use, that promote men and family relationship issues. Click here for a copy of the logos and promotion information.

Information about the Father Inclusive Practice Process

The Father Inclusive Practice (FIP) process uses a work based project to assess current practices and improve your program’s or organisation’s engagement or service delivery with men and family relationship issues.

The process usually involves:

1. selecting a Father Inclusive Practice project team

2. participating in teleconference planning meetings

3. conducting an initial audit of your program to identify key issues that reviews best practice when working with men:

  • Service culture and environment

  • Staff skills, knowledge and attitude

  • Service relevance and accessibility

  • Strategic planning and accountability 

4. receiving an initial scoping report that highlights area for possible change

5. provision of any necessary staff training

6. participating in a FIP Planning workshop that creates existing baselines for current practice and develops a more father-inclusive direction

7. reviewing a final report that outlines the selected outcomes and chosen action plan.

The workshops provide tools, shared practice wisdom and support to trial and implement change in your context.  

Contact Groupwork Solutions to obtain more information about FIP or to obtain a quote for this process in your program/organisation.

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