Generative exercises

Generative intervention exercises are divided into three categories:
A.      Generative awareness exercises
B.      Generative relationship deepening exercises
C.      Generative impact expanding exercises  

All exercises are best completed in a professional (employed or volunteer) mentoring or supportive relationship where honesty, reflection, sharing and guidance can occur.

13 - Generative exercises 1

14 - Generative exercise 2


A. Generative awareness exercises

B. Generative deepening exercises

C. Generative expanding exercises

Raises awareness about the generative impact people have on key relationships.

Deepens generative connections people have on key relationships.

Expands the generative impact people have on others around them.

  1. The 7-C Connections

  2. Connection diagram and action plan

  3. Generative questioning

  1. Our child's development exercise

  2. Generative capacity building

  3. Control, influence and letting go circle

  4. Five levels of listening

  5. Anger iceberg (with consequences)

  6. Challenging the victim role

  7. Crossing the line

  1. Impacting the future

  2. Gratitude visit...

  3. Just say ‘I’ll do that’

  4. Circle of influence

  5. Generative perspective questioning


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