1. The 7-Connection's Questions

Context: This exercise is used in open discussions with men when relevance has been established regarding how you may assist them and their important relationships.
 When to use: Use with clients when engagement has occurred. A good level of trust and respect is required to enable honesty to occur. 

Conducting the exercise: The non-deficit assumptions are active words that provide men with a direction for their responses to issues. They are powerful verbs and can be used by practitioners as they talk with male clients. For example...

  1. Commit – How do you show your commitment to your children?

  2. Choose – What is an important choice you have made this week that has had a significant impact on other people?

  3. Care – Can you tell me about an experience when you cared for and nurtured (child’s name)? What did you learn about nurturing children from that experience?

  4. Change – Can you tell me about any important changes or sacrifices you have made in your life that demonstrate how much you care about (child’s name)?

  5. Create – Are there any particular things that help you to create a safe and special place for (child’s name) and provide what he/she needs you from you?

  6. Connect – Can you tell me about an experience when you felt especially close emotionally and connected to (child’s name)? What meaning does that experience have for you now?

  7. Communicate – Can you tell me about the most enjoyable time you’ve ever had communicating (talking, playing, laughing etc) with (child’s name)? What meaning does that experience have for you now?



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