11. Impacting the future

Context: This exercise explores how men impact, influence and build respect in key relationships.

When to use: This exercise is used when practitioners work with men to deepen understanding about situations and our own victim or survivor response. Respect means treating others with care and consideration.

Conducting the exercise: Using the Life Story Cards for Men (free download from www.groupworksolutions.com.au) ask the person to select a card that represents an important person who has had an impact or influence on their life. Ask them to share these reflections.

Extension questions:

  1. What is important about this relationship?

  2. What impact and influence have you had on this relationship? 

  3. What impact and influence has this relationship had on you? 

  4. In ten years time, how will this person describe the impact and influence you had on them? 

  5. What does respect mean to you?

  6. Thinking about this relationship, what would you do more of...?’


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