13. Just say ‘I’ll do that’

Context: This exercise explores how people can impact on their life using altruism and ‘just doing something for someone else’.

Altruism is the best indicator for true happiness (Dean, 2006). Over the coming week, ask them to watch a DVD called ‘Yes Man’ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1068680/ .  

When to use: This exercise is used when practitioners work with men to deepen understanding about doing things for others and how this impacts their life.  

Conducting the exercise: Ask the person to choose a day and do something fun and five acts of kindness for someone else this week. When possible, make them anonymous.  

“In our daily lives, we all perform acts of kindness for others. These acts may be large or small and the person for whom the act is performed may or may not be aware of the act. Examples include feeding a stranger's parking meter, donating blood, helping a friend with homework, visiting an elderly relative, or writing a thank you letter. One day each week, you are to perform five acts of kindness. The acts do not need to be for the same person, the person may or may not be aware of the act, and the act may or may not be similar to the acts listed above. Do not perform any acts that may place yourself or others in danger” (Dean, 2006, p. 1).  

Extension questions:

  1. What did you chose to do?

  2. What impact did it have on the other people?

  3. What impact did they have on you?


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