14. Circle of influence

Context: This exercise explores how situations impact on us and the choices we make.  

When to use: This exercise is used when practitioners work with men to deepen understanding about how they respond to situations.  

Conducting the exercise: Using the Life Story Cards for Men (free download from www.groupworksolutions.com.au) ask the person to select a card that represents an important issue they are working on in their life.

Ask them to create a story about that card by placing themselves as the central character in the image.

Ask them to create a more complete story by identifying what happened immediately before and after that image occurred.

The story may be factual or figurative. These three segments then become one complete story.

These reflective stories are then shared.  

Extension questions:

  1. What is important about this situation?  

  2. What happened before the image, in the image and after the image?  

  3. What impact and influence did you have on this situation?  

  4. What impact and influence has this situation had on you?  

  5. On a scale 1-6, how would you rate your response to this situation?  

  6. How would someone else describe your response in this situation? Who and what would they say?


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