Introduction to working with men and generativity learning group

This website is an essential source of reflection and practice material for counsellors, group workers, health workers or other professionals who work with men and family relationship issues.

Most of this website material was written by Andrew King with significant contribution by Ross Fletcher. The written material is a post-Ericson application of generativity principles that were fine-tuned during the development of a Fathers' Centre (2000-2009) where 800 men/year accessed either telephone support or attended a wide range of group programs.

Some contributions to the domestic violence section were made by Stuart Anderson, Vivian Alarcon and Steve Sutton. Other contributions to the cultural diversity section were made by Sandip Bhattacharjee, The Freedom from Fear section was written by Leonie Gibbons and Donna Paterson.

The DVD segments were filmed as part of a Groupwork Solutions workshop on Applying Generativity that occurred in Sydney, Australia during 2010. The powerful DVD in the domestic violence section was filmed in 2010 by Beyond Empathy as part of a White Ribbon Event at Wollongong, Australia in 2010. Permission to use all DVD sections has been obtained.

The website has minimized referencing to aid readability. Most of the material is based on either published in peer reviewed journals or unpublished articles written by Andrew King. Please see the main website for a copy of these articles (in the Working with Men section) if references are required.

Website members are encouraged to freely use this material as long as the original source of the ideas is acknowledged if materials are used in published programs, articles or training resources.

This website explores how the generative framework can be applied to working with men and family relationships. The website has examples of practice, tools, exercises, video clips and interactive forums. Your feedback is appreciated - email Andrew King at

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