FWTDP Father Inclusive Practice Workplace Learning Program


Four Module Online Training Tool

Family Worker Training + Development Programme Inc. (FWTDP) has developed an on-line Father Inclusive Practice Learning Program to allow participants to work through the training modules at their own pace.

The programs facilitator, Andrew King, will walk you through four learning modules and  workplace activities,  so that information outlined in each module can be incorporated into your workplace practice.

Andrew is a consultant trainer and program developer in group work, working with men and strengths based practice. He is a specialist trainer in group work and trains professionals throughout Australia and Canada in ‘working with men’. He is also an experienced practitioner and has published a range of professional articles.

Andrew has worked with teenagers who have drug and alcohol problems, young people with a mental health issues, parenting education, families who have children with special needs and coordinated a large fathers’ centre.

How to use this learning program.

The Family Worker Training + Development E-Learning Development Series is aimed at increasing Father inclusive practices in your work, programs and throughout your service. The program is best suited for all those who work with families and children.

The Father Inclusive Practice Workplace Learning Program consists of Four Learning Modules with workplace activities to be completed for each module. Module One describes why we should be more father inclusive. Then Modules two to four you will look at how we can achieve the aim of father inclusive practice.
Four Module Online Training Tool

To get the most benefit from this program work through the modules consecutively from One to Four. Each module then has a workplace activity to complete before moving onto the next Module.

Module One:      Why Should we Engage Fathers (available now)

Module Two:       How can we Make our Services more Father Inclusive (available now)

Module Three:   What Skills are of Benefit when Working with Fathers (coming soon)

Module Four:      Meeting the Specific needs of Fathers (coming soon)


Thank you for participating in Family Worker Training + Development Programme Inc. first online learning program. We  would like to learn more about your experience with the Father Inclusive Practice Workplace Learning Program. We encourage you to give fearless and frank feedback about the program, so that FWT+DP can effectively meet your training needs for E-Learning in the future.

I ask you to take some time now to reflect on what you have learned, how you have used the training in your practice and your experience of using this new online learning tool.

The evaluation tool will take approximately 5 minutes of your time to inform us of your experience with this program and how it meets your needs as a worker and a leaner.

Follow this link to the online Father Inclusive Practice workplace learning program evaluation survey

Thank you for taking the time provide feedback on the first online learning program from Family Worker Training + Development Programme Inc.

To view modules click here: http://fwtdp.org.au/multimediaelearning/father-inclusive-practice-e-learning-development-series



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