Working with homeless men using generativity


Working with homeless men is a challenge. Focusing on generativity allows you to find the dignity in their spirit that keeps them going in very challenging situations. 

  1. Find out the man’s preferred name and introduce yourself.
  2. Value the importance of the little choices they have in life i.e. where they sleep at night, who they trust.
  3. Find out who they trust and are close to on the streets, at your centre and in their wider life. Safely discuss important relationships that have had or still are central in their life.
  4. Identify what they have learned and continue to learn in those relationships.
  5. Build the metaphor of walking alongside them in the work you do. Find out how this may be helpful to them (use perceived equality) for guidance.
  6. How many children do they have, their ages, what orders are in place and when they last had contact their children.
  7. What would they like to change about those relationships?
  8. Discuss what roles they identify they play amongst the people they hang-out with. What roles are important to them?;
  9. If applicable discuss: Who do you protect?; How do you keep yourself safe?; When does protecting someone become abusive?; What is the difference between keeping someone safe and controlling them?; What happens when the protection of others is misused?; Who do you keep safe?; How do you protect others in your life?


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