Workplace conflict, aggression and bullying audit and training process


Since the late 1970’s non-government organisations, Government Departments, trade unions and workplace safety committees have all noticed a perceived rise in the incidence of workplace violence. While it is clear that organisations must address, understand and do all they can to prevent conflict and violence and its consequences, it is inevitable that community welfare and human service professionals will often have to deal with situations where violence is a possibility or a fact.

The workplace conflict, aggression and bullying audit (WCABA) and training process uses a variety of tools to look at a practical, common sense principles for the identification, prevention and diffusion of violence against human service workers. The audit and training process can be used in a variety of organisational, residential and community based settings.
The WCABA process uses a work based project to assess current practices and improve strategies regarding conflict, aggression and bullying in your program or organisation. This project approach can involve an examination of policies, service delivery, evaluation and staff skills.

The process usually involves:

  • Selecting the WCABA team

  • Participating in teleconference planning meetings to decide on the scope of the audit and any related training sessions that are required

  • Conducting an initial audit of your program/organisation to identify key issues and reflect on best practice including:

    • Practice and evaluation

    • Staff skills, knowledge and attitude

    • Policy, strategic planning and accountability

  • Developing and reviewing an initial scoping report that highlights possible areas for change.

  • Provision of any necessary staff training identified by the audit

  • Participating in a WCABA planning workshop that creates baselines for current practice and develops a future direction for your program to reduce workplace conflict, aggression and bullying issues. The workshops provide tools, shared practice wisdom and support to trial and implement change in your workplace context.

  • Reviewing with the audit team a final report that outlines the action plan that was developed through the WCABA planning workshop.

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Vaughan Bowie is a specialist consultant, mentor and trainer in the Human Services. He has worked in a variety of organisations such as a maximum security prison, psychiatric and general health, welfare and youth settings with homeless, drug and alcohol affected clients, men’s services as well as youth gangs. Over thirty years he has trained thousands of human service workers and consulted on violence prevention and management in a variety of sometimes dangerous settings such as Belfast, The Bronx NY and Johannesburg in South Africa. He was a lecturer in Youth Work at the University of Western Sydney where he now holds an adjunct position. Currently Vaughan is also an Adjunct Senior Instructor in Psychiatry at the Rochester Medical Centre NY USA. Vaughan also provides expert witness services in the area of workplace aggression and violence. For further details see  
Andrew King is a consultant trainer and program developer in group work, working with men and strengths based practice. He is the Deputy-Chairperson for the Institute of Group Leaders and a specialist trainer in group work and trains professionals throughout Australia in ‘working with men’. He is also an experienced practitioner and has published a range of professional articles. Andrew’s work career has involved working with teenagers who have drug and alcohol problems, young people with a mental health issues, parenting education, coordinating a large fathers’ centre and managing training for professionals interested in group work or working with men.


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