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    The use of Core Value Therapy started in Australia in early 2007 as a counselling discussion with clients about changing behaviours through discovering, connecting with and taking charge of the values that underpin their life.

    Core Value Therapy enables practitioners to listen for value words in stories where clients feel strong feelings such as anger, becoming annoyed or offended. These stories are embedded with values. These values influence a client’s behaviour, thoughts and emotions. Once a client discovers their core value their emotional regulation remarkably improves when they apply their core value to themselves in situations that distress them. The core value sits at the centre of the problem and is the path to their change. In this way it tends to shift the ‘locus of control’ from the other person back to themselves.

    The moment the value is revealed it makes sense to the client regarding what is going on and they begin to see the world completely differently, through a different lens. When clients apply their value correctly to themselves and to others, they report an increase in self-esteem, improvement in relationships and stabilisation of emotion regulation.

    David Nancarrow has worked for the last 20 years in a range of professional roles. He has extensive experience in working with the Education Department and working with school social behaviours and anger management counselling. As a mediator, David has worked with clients who had high levels of conflict, domestic violence and relationship breakdowns. This led him to develop the ‘Core Value’ therapy for anger management, conflict and mental health issues. Currently David works delivering Mental Health and Wellbeing training for OzHelp Tasmania and the business sector. He is the author of two books, ‘What’s for Tea Dad’, a fun interactive cookbook for first time dads and ‘Honey I am Pregnant’, a manual for first-time dads. Both are available as free e-books.


    See http://groupworksolutions.com.au/announcements/training-calendar for 2-day training workshops on Core Value Therapy. The book is included int he workshop cost.

     Cost: $22.00 (includes postage in Australia and GST)

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    2019 Published by David Nancarrow

    ISBN 978-0-09757858-1-2

    57 Pages


    Core Value Therapy

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