• Groupwork in Australia


    This book is the first of several collections surveying the practice of group work in Australia embracing a range of settings, theoretical approaches and client groups. It is above all a book by practitioners for practitioners and for those who are interested in developing and sharing their skills. It is a not for profit publication with authors driven by their passion for the work. In beginning our Australian survey, we have started from where we are based, in and around Sydney. Future volumes will extend this reach to other parts of Australia.

    The chapters include:

    • Foreword
    • The Ancestors of Group Work – Notes on a Family Tree
    • Group work with young people: Engagement – it’s the whole show
    • Engaging Young people: 22 Ideas that Make a Difference
    • Group work in the context of child protection programs
    • Domestic Violence
    • Demonstrating Narratives of Desistance
    • Holistic group psychotherapy
    • Combining approaches – Therapeutic educational groups
    • Psychodrama – The Bare Bones
    • Deadly groups – Aboriginal men’s groups
    • Families in cultural transition – Refugee group programs
    • Working with sex offenders
    • Use of the group to enhance learning opportunities
    • Supervision

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    Groupwork in Australia

    Editors: Kevin O’Sullivan, Andrew King & Trish Nove

    Design by Alicia Freile, Tango Media


    1st edition published 2015

    ISBN 978-0-9942298-0-9

    Orignally published by the Institute of Group Leaders, Sydney, Australia



    Groupwork in Australia

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