Supporting People with Complex Behaviours

Are you responding to the needs of individuals whose behaviours pose complex challenges to your system of supports and services?

This workshop is for you!

Supporting people, not just their behaviour.

This one day interactive workshop presents information regarding trauma and its’ effects on the neurodevelopment of children into adulthood. Using case examples, the presenter will demonstrate how people use behaviour to cope with their traumatic experiences and how these coping mechanisms become the behavioural challenges demonstrated throughout the lifespan. The presented neurodevelopmental model was developed by Bruce Perry, MD, Ph.D., and is used with his permission.

The facilitator will guide small groups through the process of applying the concepts presented in the workshop to the participant's own context. This will empower participants to integrate the concepts into positive behaviour support plans through the use of structural assessments. The training is appropriate for all staff at all levels of an organisation, including schools, disability services, mental health disorders or related disabilities and who display behaviours that challenge themselves and staff. A background in psychology or medicine is not required! It is highly recommended that organisations send as many people as possible to this workshop in order to work together in groups to transfer theory into practice using their own specific case examples.

“Wow!!! Finally, a comprehensive and in-depth look at what treatment and support planning should REALLY be all about… I learned more in this training about the effects of trauma, with specific regard to the neurodevelopment of persons with developmental disabilities, than I learned in more than 9 years of university and graduate studies. ….everyone,everywhere that writes treatment/support plans for persons with a history of trauma must attend this training!”

At the end of the workshop participants will:

  1. Establish a common a understanding of neurodevelopment and neurosequential pathways

  2. Build an understanding of the role of escape and acquisition as primary functions of behaviour

  3. Review structural assessment methodology and whole person behaviour assessment

  4. Review trauma and the crisis cycle and establish the appropriate filters to apply when auditing and planning behaviour interventions

  5. Apply the above concepts in cases brought to the class by the participants.

“Without having any knowledge of the Mandt System, I was able to come into the training and not only learn new strategies but a new way to think about our individuals with complex behaviors. The learning was practical and immediately applicable.”

“It was a pleasure to work with the Mandt System®. This workshop is invaluable for anyone wanting to learn how to respond more effectively to complex behaviours. The workshop offers information about the effects of trauma on neurodevelopment and ways to deal with challenging behaviours. The workshop's interactive approach, coupled with his personal stories, wisdom and experience brings the theoretical components of this workshop to life. It is refreshing to leave a workshop with theoretical knowledge, in addition to practical skills. I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone working in the human services field. The content and delivery of any training I have participated in with the Mandt System® has been highly professional and extremely beneficial".

“For teams of teachers developing Functional Behavior Assessments and Behaviour Intervention Plans, this training provides an invaluable research based approach that will enhance planning, assessment, and outcomes for students with challenging behaviour. The information is presented in a way that is accessible to those of us with backgrounds in education. I left the training with tools I can use and teach to my colleagues. This training is enlightening both professionally and personally. It is a must for teams serving students with challenging behaviour.”

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