Corporate Culture Change

Reduce Restraint and Coercion to Promote Safe, Accountable Communities

1-day Interactive Session

A number of recent studies have identified administrative involvement and leadership in restraint reduction as the most crucial element in achieving significant reductions in the use of restraint.

When people in positions such as Executive Director, Regional Director, Chief Executive or Chief Operating Officer take an active role in this area, significant reductions if not complete elimination of the use of restraint has been achieved. The Mandt System® has adapted a set of tools modelled on the principles of Invitational Education to measure an organization’s readiness to move away from coercion and towards environments that provide physical, psychological, and emotional safety for all people.

This one day workshop look at the areas which administrative and executive level staff must address in order to develop the strategic plans needed to design, implement, monitor, and modify restraint reduction activities. At the heart of all these projects and processes is the belief that all human services work is accomplished in the context of relationships.

A relationship based model for organizing personnel policies and procedures is presented, as well as models for implementing an Evidence Based Practices program designed to increase the presence of positive behaviours which have and will lead to restraint reduction in the organization. While this training is predicated upon the principles, philosophies and practices of the Mandt System®, certification in the Mandt System® is not a prerequisite.

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