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Successful management is about shaping leaders today – bringing together participants from a wide variety of sectors and providing a learning environment that will inspire them, and help them develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of themselves, their workplace, community and their role in it.

Customer service and staff retention is directly related to management style and organisational culture. This training will include assessment tools to build a baseline for company/organisational culture through building healthy workplace relationships. Leaders, managers, and supervisors are in critical organisational roles. Recent research indicates people often join companies highly motivated and with lofty goals only to become disheartened and leave because managers and supervisors fail to engage and support their people and teams.

Since 1975 we have partnered with organisations worldwide to create healthy relationships

The Wilson Learning Research Study results indicated between 56 and 83 percent of employee satisfaction is predicated upon the manager’s skills and style. It’s sound business practice to invest in and train managers and supervisors since their interactions with staff significantly influence employee commitment and retention rates (Donaldson, 2008).

Utilizing a research based continuous learning and development approach

Supporting Successful Management Workshops are designed for company personnel working in leadership, managerial and supervisory positions. The intensive, variable-length programs assist organizations in training their supervisory and managerial personnel by enhancing the communication and relationship skills of these key leaders as they support the mission of, and people in, their organisation.

The Mandt System® approach centres on treating all people with dignity and respect. What sounds like a common-sense approach in working with people, (clients, customers, staff, patients), does not mean it is one that is often practiced. Cultivating respect in the workplace begins with management and administrators.

Unrivalled global experts in preventing workplace and relational violence

Mandt Leadership Foundations: Leading Effectively through Positive Workplace Relationships is a two or three-day training for CEO, Director, Manager and Supervisory personnel. This practical application program includes simulations of work place issues, and individual assessments of personal management and conflict resolution styles.

During the training session, each participant:

What participants say....

Mandt For Managers
Leading Effectively through Healthy Workplace Relationships
Course options: (2 or 3 days course designed for you)

Positive Workplace Managers

Creating Positive Workplace Communication

Positive Conflict Management

Creating Productive Teams

Additional 1-day learning modules

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