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    The Men’s Handbook by Terry Norman

    Do you think you are a pretty good Dad, but would like to have a few ideas confirmed?  Do you love your kids, but get frustrated with them at times?  Does your anger get the better of you sometimes? Do you have trouble balancing the demands of work and family? Do you need some ideas for quick, cheap, and nutritious meals?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this short book is for you.

    Drawing on years of experience as a dad, grandfather, and counsellor, Terry addresses, in an easily readable fashion, some of the issues facing men trying to be good dads and partners in the 21st century.

    This short book of 54 pages could almost be read at a single sitting. It contains a lot of useful information so keep it by the side of your bed to dip into whenever needed.

    In Australia, we love our heroes. We admire great sportsmen, we admire famous rock stars and movie actors and actresses. We admire people who have reached the top of their profession, or who have made a lot of money or become famous.

    But we forget the people in society who are the most important of all: good dads and mums. Being a good dad is the most important thing any man can do. Bringing up our sons or daughters to be strong, confident, well balanced citizens is the most important job there is, and compared with this, being able to hit a ball, or kick a ball, or play a guitar, pales into insignificance.

    Being a dad is the most wonderful, exasperating, fantastic, demanding, enjoyable, frustrating, fun job you can do.

    And yet most of us go into this crucial role with virtually no training, and perhaps little thought. We hope that the good old Australian “she’ll be right mate” will get us through.

    This little book is an attempt to put together a few thoughts, some suggestions and some strategies for you to consider. I emphasise “for you to consider”. I do not pretend to have all the answers, and every man will father in a different way, and perhaps father differently to different children. Every father will make mistakes, and do things he regrets, but so long as we all keep trying, and we all keep learning from our mistakes, then we have a good chance of producing a new generation of fine young men and women. There is no greater thing that anyone can aim to achieve.

    Most of the things in this little book are just common sense - as we say these days, it is not rocket science - and you may well find that you are already doing many of them, or already know much of what is here.  But hopefully you will pick up a few tips, and also find it useful to have what you are already doing confirmed.

    The aim of this book is not to make you a perfect dad, but to make you “a good enough dad”. That is all that any of us can hope for, but that is huge.

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    Click here for a copy of the Men's Handbook (Downloadable PDF Document)

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