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    These role cards discuss parenting responses that either enable or restrict good enough parenting experiences. The demands and stress parents experience can cause them to react to parenting situations in more restrictive ways. Good enough parenting is based on idea that the majority of parenting roles used are more enabling rather than being restrictive.

    Each set of roles (either the blue series of cards or the green series of cards) are linked. Once the parent is using the enforcer role, they are more likely to be the problem solver or critic. Also the reverse is opposite, once the parent is the encourager, they are more likely to be a choice giver or faith builder. Each role contains a thought, feeling and action. These role card exercises can be used in a group or individual settings.

    The role cards provide a way to have specific discussions about how parents respond to different situations. The pack contains three exercises to enable you to start using the cards.

     This 11-page resource includes:

    • 6 different Roles Parents Play Cards (A4 size) with images.

    •  A 2-page (A-4) guide for using these resources that includes 3 creative exercises.

    • A 2-page handout sheet for parents.

    • A set of mini cards that can be used as a handout for your clients or group members.

    Cost: PDF Downloadable Version - $22.00 Aust (GST included).

    Click 'Buy now' to purchase.

    1. Print the Roles Parents Play Cards. They are designed to be printed in colour on white or coloured paper. They are best laminated and can then be used for a variety of exercises.

    2. Alternatively, they can just be printed in black and white.

    3. Read the introduction and overview of the exercises and enjoy the creative use of this resource.

    It is recommended that this file is opened with the latest version of PDF Reader – http://www.adobe.com/au/products/reader.html

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    3. The PDF download is for the sole use of the subscriber and cannot be emailed to other people.

    4. If your computer is replaced and you need additional copies of the PDF file (beyond 2 downloads), please contact GWS. 

    Click here for a copy of the Roles Parents Play Cards Pack (Downloadable PDF)

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